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ColorWheel® Flow Cytometry Antibodies and Dyes

ColorWheel® flow cytometry antibodies and dyes utilize a proprietary technology optimized for flow cytometry that allows users to independently select antibodies and dyes for assembly in any desired combination. With less than 5 minutes of hands-on time, these antibodies and dyes serve as an analog to primary conjugated antibodies. This mix-and-match ability is supplemented with a lyophilized presentation product for enhanced stability and ambient shipping, as well as preservative-free presentation for sustainability and wider sample type compatibility. Learn how to incorporate them into your flow cytometry experiment with our ColorWheel® Flow Cytometry Protocol and how to assemble them with our simple 3-Step ColorWheel® Flow Cytometry Reagent Preparation Protocol.

ColorWheel® antibodies and dyes help solve the flow cytometry multiplexing puzzle by fitting together the different pieces or challenges of multiplexing in flow cytometry including instrument configuration, antigen expression/dye brightness, and antibody-dye combination availability.

Flow Cytometry Multiplexing Made Simple

Multiplexing in flow cytometry can be a puzzle that researchers have to piece together. Flow cytometry multiplexing involves balancing various pieces of the puzzle including the configuration of the instrument, balancing antigen expression with dye brightness, and antibody-dye combination availability. If it is not possible to fit all of these factors into one experiment, researchers need to compromise by performing multiple assays. Running multiple assays takes more time and introduces different experimental conditions causing variability that may lead to unreliable data. The flexibility of ColorWheel® technology helps you fit the multiplexing puzzle pieces together.

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Comparison to Conventional Flow Cytometry Methods

Supporting Sustainability

ColorWheel® antibodies and dyes are lyophilized and provide 5+ years of shelf life. These products can be stored longer than traditional pre-labeled antibodies and dyes, making them ideal for reagent storage at core facilities. While targets can change per researcher, the configuration of the flow cytometers within the facility, and thus the compatible dyes, remain constant. With the ColorWheel® portfolio, this consistency in dye compatibility allows for stocking of the individual dye components that work with the instrument, preventing disruption in reagent supply and taking advantage of bulk discounts. With a steady supply of dye reagent always in stock, simply choose the ColorWheel® antibody of interest, mix and match as needed, and run your assay.

Bundle And Save

Ensure you always have reagent on hand by purchasing the ColorWheel® dyes that fit your instrument in bulk to save time and money. Purchase bundles of ColorWheel® products and receive an automatic discount in your shopping cart.

For answers to common questions about ColorWheel® products, see our ColorWheel® FAQs page.

For Research Use Only. Not For Use In Diagnostic Procedures.

Unless otherwise stated in the Product(s) specifications, any Antibody product is sold for internal research use only and may not be used for any other purpose, which includes but is not limited to, any commercial, diagnostic, or therapeutic use. Our validation processes pertain only to research uses and do not confirm or assure that our antibodies can be used for any unauthorized uses as set forth herein.


ColorWheel® technology requires BOTH a ColorWheel® antibody AND a ColorWheel® dye for flow cytometry research applications. The antibody and dye are sold separately.


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