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International Conference on Environmental & Food Monitoring (ISEAC 41)


September 13-17, 2021, Regensburg, Germany

International Conference on Environmental & Food Monitoring (ISEAC 41) will be held this year in Regensburg, Germany.

The ISEAC series is organized by the International Association of Environmental Analytical Chemistry (IAEAC), which had its beginnings in 1971 with a scientific meeting, organized to provide a forum for how analytical chemists might contribute to the recent “environmental revolution”.

For more than 40 years, it has had a long and successful lifetime, morphing from that initial meeting into an organization that has a worldwide impact. The main event organized by the IAEAC is the International Symposium on Environmental Analytical Chemistry (ISEAC).

The topics being discussed this year include, but are not limited to:

  • Food Fraud
  • Food Safety
  • Rapid Testing
  • Onsite Analysis
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Non-targeted Analysis
  • Environmental Contaminants

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