Parteck® Functional Excipients

Tableting formulation

When you design a solid dosage formulation, there are many factors to consider: the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), bioavailability enhancement, release kinetics, specific dosage, packaging, shelf life, and more. Excipients are the backbone of a formulation and affect final formulation properties such as processability, stability and performance. Therefore, it is important to consider an excipient that has the correct functionality and is of high quality. 

Our Parteck® functional excipients were designed with these formulator’s challenges in mind and have additional functionalities beyond standard excipients. These excipients are particle optimized and feature unique particle properties tailored for tableting processes, for specific drug delivery technologies, or for solubility enhancement. Thus, our Parteck® functional excipients ensure excellent performance in formulation development and manufacturing. Backed by the Emprove® Program with its stringent quality control, as well as regulatory support and documentation, Parteck® excipients help to speed up your approval processes.

Flexible Tableting

  • High tablet hardness at low compression forces, providing tablet robustness and rapid disintegration
  • High and low API dosages enabled by the unique particle surface
  • Specialized excipients for direct compression, wet and dry granulation, film coating, lubrication, and rapid disintegration

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Optimized Drug Delivery

  • Options for modifying release kinetics, such as orally disintegrating tablets and sustained-release solid oral formulations
  • Specialized excipients for different routes of administration, including dry powder inhalation

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Enhanced Solubility

  • Specialized excipients for hot melt extrusion, dissolution rate enhancement in tableting and a silica drug carrier with a unique surface structure
  • Enhanced API solubility to boost the efficacy of your final drug product

White Paper: The Developability Classification System (DCS): Enabling an Optimized Approach for Formulation of Poorly Soluble Molecules

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