Lab Labeling System

Streamline Sample, Reagent, & Chemical Labeling

Label it Right

Unknown samples in your -80 °C freezer? Trouble deciphering your labmate’s handwriting? Frustrated with labels that fade? The MilliSentials™ Lab Labeling System streamlines sample, reagent, and chemical identification with impervious, adaptable labels tailored for research labs.  

  • Printed, user-defined labels for greater legibility
  • Cryogenic and chemically-resistant labels designed for lab environments
  • Temperature resistance from -196 °C (liquid nitrogen) to 100 °C
  • Chemical resistance to water, ethanol, IPA, DMSO, methanol, acetonitrile, bleach, acetone, xylene, and toluene

MilliSentials™ Labels for slides, plates, flasks, tubes, and bottles

Anything Goes

The MilliSentials™ Lab Labeling System was designed specifically for the research lab, with adaptable labels that can be adjusted to fit any vessel or container.

  • Microscope slides
  • Flasks
  • Dishes
  • Plates
  • Beakers
  • Bottles
  • Vials
  • Tubes
  • More tubes

MilliSentials™ Labels for slides, plates, flasks, tubes, and bottles

Minimize Sample Loss

Sample labeling is critical to identifying and finding samples in the laboratory. Unfortunately, this process is error prone and often results in loss of samples. The MilliSentials™ Lab Labeling System provides a standardized laboratory labeling solution for greater lab efficiency.

MilliSentials™ Smartphone-compatible software

Make It Easy

Everyone loves a label maker. With intuitive software and wireless connection options, the MilliSentials™ Lab Labeling System makes labeling easier than ever.

  • Pre-defined templates for laboratory vessels
  • Easy-to-use thermal transfer printer with hardwire and wireless connection options
  • WI-FI connection for wireless printing
  • Mobile friendly software
  • Small footprint - 10.5 in. X 8 in X 7.5 in.

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