Sterile Sampling Made Easy

NovaSeptum® Go Sampling System with Conical Tubes

A Closed and Sterile Sampling Unit in a Convenient Single-use Conical Tube Format

NovaSeptum® GO Conical Tubes are small volume sampling containers that complement our established NovaSeptum® GO sampling system. The 15 mL polystyrene tubes are ideal for endotoxin testing. These conical tubes provide flexibility to manufacturers for sampling at any point in the production process eliminating the need to aliquot.

NovaSeptum® GO sterile sampling system with conical tube provides fully closed fluid path for aseptic and sterile sampling both upstream and downstream for process monitoring and QC testing.
  • PROTECTS YOUR SAMPLE: small volume eliminates need to aliquot preventing change of sample during handling
  • REDUCES RISK OF CONTAMINATION: closed design for your aseptic manufacturing process
  • IDEAL FOR ENDOTOXIN TESTING: polystyrene material of construction
  • CONVENIENT FORMAT: easy to adopt and fast to validate
  • REDUCES PRODUCT LOSS: small size and accurate calibration on tube for exact measuring
  • CONFIGURABLE: single or multi-sampling units available
  • EASY INTEGRATION: compatible with various holder formats (TC, in-line, ingold®)

Three Simple Steps to Build Your Own NovaSeptum® GO Conical Tube Sampling System

  • Step 1: Pick your holder (TC, in-line, ingold®)
  • Step 2: Choose your conical tube format (single, manifold)
  • Step 3: First time users, add a crimper.



MAST® Platform for automated, aseptic on-line sampling
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MAST® Platform for automated, aseptic on-line sampling

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