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Sample Program: Protein Electrophoresis and Immunoblotting

Move your research forward by evaluating novel, updated electrophoresis and Western blotting workflow products that deliver improved results in less time.

  • mPAGE® TurboMix Bis-Tris Polyacrylamide Gel Casting Kits deliver a rapid and reproducible workflow for hand-cast protein gels. Bis-tris gel chemistry has a similar molecular weight range to standard tris-glycine, but provides multiple benefits: faster run time, sharper protein bands and longer shelf life. Learn More
  • mPAGE® Bis-Tris Polyacrylamide Gels provide outstanding resolution, short run times and are compatible with popular gel tanks. Trial kits include 2 gels, running buffer powder to make 1L, tank adapters. Learn More
  • ReadyBlue™ Protein Gel Stain is a rapid and sensitive colloidal Coomassie stain for polyacrylamide gels. The stain is room-temperature stable and ready to use, allowing for a fast and simplified protocol with results in 10 minutes or less. No prior fixing step is necessary.
  • Immobilon® PVDF Transfer Membranes offer high protein binding capacity for improved signal. The durability and high protein retention of Immobilon® PVDF membranes make them the preferred option for sequential detection of multiple targets via antibody stripping and reprobing. Learn More
  • Immobilon® Chemiluminescent Substrates: we offer a broad selection of ECL (enhanced chemiluminescence) substrates for every application. Immobilon® ECL Ultra delivers the highest sensitivity and enables reduced antibody consumption. Immobilon® Forte, Crescendo and Classico provide the convenience and reliability of premixed, one-component solutions with good performance. Learn More
  • Immobilon® Signal Enhancer combines signal amplification and blocking in one ready-to-use reagent. It boosts chemiluminescent and fluorescent signals and enables reduced antibody consumption. Block Noise Cancelling reagents provide protein-free blocking for Western blot experiments in a convenient, ready-to-use room temperature stable formulations.
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