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Professor Ronald Raines

Professor Ron Raines works on the development of reagents and tools for chemical biology, such as the traceless Staudinger ligation reagent (670359). DTBA (774405), a superior biological reducing reagent to DTT, is another technology to come out of the Raines Lab. Other exciting research has led to an RNA-cleaving enzyme that is in a multi-site human clinical trial as an anti-cancer agent, revealed that an unappreciated force—the n-to-pi* interaction—stabilizes all proteins, created hyperstable and human-scale synthetic collagens, and established chemical processes to synthesize proteins and convert crude biomass into useful fuels and chemicals.

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Recent papers from the Raines Group

Lukesh JC, Palte MJ, Raines RT. 2012. A Potent, Versatile Disulfide-Reducing Agent from Aspartic Acid. J. Am. Chem. Soc.. 134(9):4057-4059.
Levine MN, Raines RT. 2012. Trimethyl lock: a trigger for molecular release in chemistry, biology, and pharmacology. Chem. Sci.. 3(8):2412.
Tam A, Raines RT. 2009. Chapter 2 Protein Engineering with the Traceless Staudinger Ligation.25-44.
Products available at Aldrich from the Raines Laboratory


  • Organic Synthetic Chemistry
  • Chemical Biology

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