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Professor Steven Strauss

Professor Steven Strauss

The Strauss Group has been among the leaders in the synthesis and applications of new superweak anions for the past three decades. Superweak anions (a term coined by the Strauss Group in 1998 in connection with an ACS Symposium on weakly-coordinating anions), by definition, are the conjugate bases of the strongest possible (real or hypothetical) superacids, and they have been used to generate metal cations in condensed phases that are virtually as reactive as the corresponding gas-phase cations.

Using anions, such as B12F122−, we have prepared and studied nonclassical metal carbonyls such as Cu(CO)4+ and Ag(CO)2+, metal complexes of "noncoordinating" solvents such as Ag(CH2Cl2)3+, solid-state materials that are not microporous yet exhibit latent porosity, and lithium salts that catalyze carbon–carbon bond forming reactions in hydrocarbon solvents and show promise as thermally-stable alternatives to lithium-ion battery electrolytes such as LiPF6.

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Recent papers from the Strauss Group

Peryshkov DV, Popov AA, Strauss SH. 2010. Latent Porosity in Potassium Dodecafluoro-closo-dodecaborate(2?). Structures and Rapid Room Temperature Interconversions of Crystalline K2B12F12, K2(H2O)2B12F12, and K2(H2O)4B12F12in the Presence of Water Vapor. J. Am. Chem. Soc.. 132(39):13902-13913.
Shackelford SA, Belletire JL, Boatz JA, Schneider S, Wheaton AK, Wight BA, Hudgens LM, Ammon HL, Strauss SH. 2009. Pairing Heterocyclic Cations withcloso-Icosahedral Borane and Carborane Anions. I. Benchtop Aqueous Synthesis of Binary Triazolium and Imidazolium Salts with Limited Water Solubility. Org. Lett.. 11(12):2623-2626.
Vining K, Pomraning KR, Wilhelm LJ, Ma C, Pellegrini M, Di Y, Mockler TC, Freitag M, Strauss SH. 2013. Methylome reorganization during in vitro dedifferentiation and regeneration of Populus trichocarpa. BMC Plant Biol. 13(1):92.


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