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Professor Marcos Suero

Professor Marcos Suero

The Suero research group has developed new catalytic methods involving conceptually-novel radical carbenoids, carbyne equivalents, and metal-carbynoids and studied their behavior towards fine & feedstock chemicals as well as medically relevant agents. Key on this work has been to design and synthesize tailored reagents that upon photoredox, light or metal activation delivered the novel reactive species. Those reagents have found unique applications in the late-stage functionalization of drug molecules and natural products, that permitted the construction of chiral centers using C–H bonds as functional groups and in cyclopropanations of styrenes.

Suero Research Group

Recent papers from the Sureo Group

Herraiz AG, Suero MG. A transition-metal-free & diazo-free styrene cyclopropanation. Chem. Sci.. 10(40):9374-9379.
Wang Z, Herraiz AG, del Hoyo AM, Suero MG. 2018. Generating carbyne equivalents with photoredox catalysis. Nature. 554(7690):86-91.
del?Hoyo AM, Herraiz AG, Suero MG. 2017. A Stereoconvergent Cyclopropanation Reaction of Styrenes. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.. 56(6):1610-1613.
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