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Advances in Immunoassays: SMC® (Single Molecular Counting) and Multiplexing


Allergic asthma is a chronic inflammatory lung disease driven by multiple types of immune cells by producing a wide array of cytokines, chemokines, and mediators. Identification and quantification of these immunopathological mediators would help us to have a better understanding of the pathogenesis of asthma and to discover novel therapeutic targets. This talk will focus on the application of multiplex assay to simultaneously analyze over 20 different cytokines, chemokines and mediators in one single mouse lung sample using the Merck Th17 Panel Bead-Based Multiplex Assay Kit. The pros and cons of using multiplex assay kit versus single ELISA assay kit also be discussed.

Learning Highlights:

  • Address your research needs through optimization of panel selection
  • Tips & tricks on experimental procedure and sample preparation
  • Pros and cons of using multiplex versus single ELISA


Winston Liao, Ph.D.

Winston Liao, Ph.D.

National University of Singapore - Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine

Senior Research Fellow, Department of Pharmacology

Dr. Winston Liao Wupeng obtained his Ph.D. degree from the department of pharmacology, NUS and had his postdoctoral training in University of California, San Diego and Columbia University, USA. He’s currently a senior research fellow under Prof. Fred Wong in the department of pharmacology, NUS. The major interests of his research are to investigate the pathogenesis of and to develop mechanism-based pharmacological agents for the treatment of respiratory diseases such as asthma, COPD and pulmonary fibrosis.

Anitaben Tailor, Ph.D.

Anitaben Tailor, Ph.D.


Biology Technical Marketing

Anitaben Tailor brings over 10 years of immunoassay platform experience in the biopharmaceutical industry. After her post-doctoral fellowship, she held faculty positions at Johns Hopkins and NIH; then joined the industry in a global role with Merck's Life Science division. More recently, she focuses on the technical marketing of the Immunoassay portfolio within Pharma and CROs.

Webinar Information

Protein biology

  • Duration:1h

  • Language:English

  • Session 1:presented May 27, 2022

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