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How to Create a Strategy for cGMP Contamination Control


In this webinar, you will learn how to create a strategy to control your microbial contamination, and thus limit severe consequences such as product spoilage, loss of efficacy, and of course risking patient safety. You will understand why humans are the first source of contamination and what is needed to design a safe environment for your production and testing. The webinar is aimed at QC managers or operators that are focused on improving constantly their testing and production environment in order to deliver quality, always.


Claire Briglia

Claire Briglia

Vedere Solutions LLC


Claire Fritz Briglia has over 20 years of experience in industrial microbiology. She began her career as an R&D scientist at STERIS Corporation developing low-temperature sterilization systems. She then moved into the field as a specialist for vapor-phase hydrogen peroxide decontamination applications. In 2010, she transitioned into a specialist role at MilliporeSigma supporting microbial monitoring and testing applications. She started her own consulting business in 2019 to help the industry with implementing technologies for both the detection and control of microbial contamination.

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