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It’s no secret that we live in a celebrity centric culture hungry for the latest news about our favorite famous faces. This lecture will employ the fascinating world of celebrities to introduce the immunohistochemical grid approach to cancer disease states. We will specifically use cancer stories from past and present entertainers, athletes, and politicians to examine the histological characteristics and statistics that define various tumor types. These cases will also be our launching pad as we take a deep dive into the intricate world of tumor immunophenotyping by highlighting recent antibody additions and their impact on modern detection. Attendees will learn the utility of these new antibodies and gain a better overall understating of how diagnostic grids are used by pathologists to provide thorough and accurate patient care.

What Will You Learn?

  • Learn key immunohistochemical and histological features of various tumor types. 
  • Understand how IHC can be used to detect cancer tumors. 
  • Learn the application and benefits of pathology’s newest antibodies.

Who Should Watch?

  • Pathologists 
  • Histotechnologists 
  • Lab Managers 
  • Pathology Residents  
  • Histotechnologist Students
  • Health Care Professionals


Nicole Lewis

Nicole Lewis


Account Manager Tissue Diagnostics

Nicole Lewis began her anatomic pathology career at Cell Marque where she spent seven and a half years developing a solid laboratory and product foundation. As she moved from Biologist to R&D Scientist and finally Technical Supervisor, she gained comprehensive knowledge and experience in various aspects of the industry including: general laboratory practices/techniques, antibody production/development, as well as technical training/support.
In 2013 she decided to use my background in IHC theory, staining techniques, platforms, and reagents to provide troubleshooting and technical assistance as a Field Support Specialist with Leica Biosystems. She later moved into a sales role before heading back to where her career began.
Twelve years later, she once again represents Cell Marque, now a Merck company, as an Account Manager. Nicole uses her technical background, market expertise, competitor knowledge, and general passion for the industry to foster strong customer partnerships. Her customers can expect provision of the highest quality reagents, exceptional customer service, and regular product education. Always forefront is their motto: From Passion to Product to Patient.

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