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HybriScan Rapid Test System - In Situ Hybridization


HybriScan® Rapid Microbial Test System

Our HybriScan® molecular screening system uses sandwich hybridization to provide fast and accurate detection, identification, and quantification of spoilage and pathogenic microorganisms in beverages, water, and food.  It is ideal for the comprehensive and reliable routine control of raw materials and concentrates in all production steps up to the quality check of finished goods.

The HybriScan® system can reduce your time to result by 2-14 days, depending on the target organism, while keeping costs low. Results are visible within 2 hours after the enrichment without the need for expensive instruments—the test can be performed with standard laboratory equipment and minimal training.

 20-Minute Talk: in situ Hybridization

Our expert, Jvo Siegrist, explains the technology of in situ hybridization on the example of the HybriScan® test system. Watch the presentation to learn about the advantages, disadvantages, and costs of this rapid method compared to common methods.


Jvo Siegrist

Jvo Siegrist


Senior Global Product Manager Media & Specialty

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