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From Myth to Mastery: Unveiling the Secrets of Virus Bank Manufacturing


It is crucial to start off your product development right. In this webinar, you will benefit from our years of experience, and learn how to best approach virus bank production.

The importance of partnering with a reliable manufacturer, bolstered by expert quality control testing staff and labs, is critical to meeting your upstream needs from discovery to GMP-ready starting material.

Using case studies and real-life examples, we will walk you through the GMP manufacturing steps. From starting material to GMP bank and support engineering runs, through to technical transfers, we will review how to best approach the virus bank manufacturing process and overcome common obstacles.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Best practices for virus bank production
  • Process steps to produce the most optimal virus bank
  • When you need your master virus seed stock bank & working virus seed stock bank
  • If you need a virus seed stock in the discovery phase


Angela Waugh

Angela Waugh


Global Scientific Lead, Manufacturing Value Stream

Angela has had various roles in her 22 years with Merck, from associate scientist to department manager, and she is currently the Global Scientific Lead for the Manufacturing Value Stream. In this role, she supports the global manufacturing teams, and clients and has a strong focus on regulatory compliance. Angela spent time building clinical trial experiences during which she developed a strong knowledge of GMP requirements. She holds a degree in applied biosciences from Glasgow Caledonian University.

Scott Gorman

Scott Gorman


Scientific Supervisor, Manufacturing Department

Scott He has had a variety of roles in his 19 years with Merck, from associate scientist to senior scientist. Currently, he has responsibility for directly managing the project scientists within the UK site as part of the manufacturing value stream. In this role, he supports UK manufacturing scientists and clients and is passionate about providing excellent service to our customers. He holds an integrated master's degree in chemistry with medicinal chemistry from Glasgow University.

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