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MAS-100 NT | Validation of the HEPA Filter


Viable Air Samplers are used for quantitative determination of airborne contamination in cleanrooms for aseptic manufacturing. To maintain the cleanliness of the environment, the exhaust air flow should neither disturb the unidirectional air flow nor pose a contamination risk to the environment.

Our expert Dr. Anne-Grit Klees covers the essential points of air sampling units for use in your high-grade cleanrooms, along with requirements for prevention of cross-contamination.

Key Topics

  • Possible needs of filtering the exhaust air of microbial air samplers
  • How the performance of the filter is validated


Anne-Grit Klees

Anne-Grit Klees


Global Product Manager Environmental Monitoring

Dr. Anne-Grit Klees, is a Global Product Manager Environmental Monitoring at Merck. She is microbiologist and graduated at Philipps Universität Marburg in 1992. After graduation she started her carreer as medical referent at Pall. Since 1994 she was working as a global product manager at Biotest, heipha Dr. Müller GmbH and Merck with a strong expertise on environmental monitoring in pharmaceutical industries including ready to use culture media for air and surface and personnel monitoring.

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