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Ling Xin Yong: My Next Great Impossible

Ling Xin Yong

Ling Xin Yong is a PhD graduate from the University of Nottingham, England. She took us through her work in the development of antimicrobial material suitable for 3D printing of medical devices.

With the growing prevalence of diseases along with early detection and treatment, there will be more patients undergoing medical procedures which will increase the use of medical devices. My Next Great Impossible project focuses on developing antimicrobial materials for 3D printing medical devices. This could allow for the personalization of medical devices to fit the needs of different patients while minimizing microbial infections.

“This will allow for preparation of medical devices on the spot…”

I'm working on 3D printing inks that use UV curing polymers. The 3D printing inks are created using an in-house developed high-throughput screening (HTS) method. We begin by examining the formulation qualities with the HTS, then investigate the antimicrobial properties using biological assays and finally run the formulation trials with the 3D printer. With the right formulation antimicrobial medical devices can be prepared on the spot, eliminating the need to stockpile supplies or wait for supplies during an emergency.

“It is also important to be open to using unconventional methods to typically conventional methods…”

What drives me to accomplish my Next Great Impossible is the opportunity to help our society by developing innovative technology that will benefit future generations. Because I have limited resources, there are times where I must be creative in devising an alternate test method. This can require a lot of open-mindedness. I believe that keeping an open mind and listening to suggestions from other researchers is vital since it broadens our perspective. My Next Great Impossible also takes a lot of grit. Having grit and taking things one step at a time allows me to reach goals I could never have imagined!


Q: What kind of mindset do you need to achieve your Next Great Impossible?

A: Grit, creativity and open-mindedness.

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