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Nafisa Jadavi: My Next Great Impossible

Nafisa Jadavi

Nafisa Jadavi is a neuroscientist currently serving as an Assistant Professor at Midwestern University-Glendale, AZ. She spoke to us about the importance of the maternal diet on the brain function of offspring.

“I am trying to determine the role of maternal diet on offspring brain function”

My lab investigates how the brain changes over the lifespan. More specifically, we study the brain, maternal nutrition contributions to offspring neurodevelopment, neurological diseases (e.g. stroke and vascular dementia), and aging. Our translational research uses model systems to understand functional outcome, mechanisms, and potential therapeutics. Currently, we are trying to determine the role of maternal diet on offspring brain function. Our working hypothesis is that dietary deficiencies during pregnancy and lactation can have detrermental effects on offspring brain function, including making them more vulnerable to damage when stressed (e.g., after ischemic stroke).

“I go where the data takes me…”

Science is dynamic and one needs to adapt to the changing times. I am very flexible with my students and in the lab with experiments; I go where the data takes me. In fact, I encourage all members of the lab to be collaborative and open in their pursuit of scientific method – we find that this creates an exciting environment to learn and grow as a scientist and an individual. Lots of persistence, resilience and chocolate inspire me to keep striving to solve my Next Great Impossible!


Q: What kind of mindset do you need to achieve the Next Great Impossible?

A: I think you need to be flexible.

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