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Preciflow peristaltic pump

AC/DC input 230 V AC, EuroPlug

multiflow pumps, peristaltic pumps, tubing pumps




Lambda Laboratory Instruments


0.000167-10 mL/min flow rate


suitable for (fermentation, bio cultures, chemical synthesis; fraction collection)

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General description

Traditional peristaltic pumps commonly cause processes to be interrupted because of decreasing flow rates over time, aspiration or rupture of tubing by the mechanics causing time and money to be lost. The Preciflow peristaltic pump was developed as a result of twenty years of laboratory experience and involved the systematic elimination of the imperfections found in other pumps on the market. The result is a practical, precise, economical and reliable pump that is the most compact in its class.

Supplied with 5m of silicone tubing 3 / 5mm

  • Replacement of rollers with bearings reduces friction & mechanical strain leading to better pump performance and greatly extended tubing life
  • Asymmetric pump head reduces pulsations
  • Stepping motor with microprocessor ensures high precision of flow rate with no inertia while turning pump on and off
  • Small foot print saves bench space

All LAMBDA peristaltic pumps have the same following characteristics:
  • Digital speed control in the range 0:1000
  • Analog remote control ON/OFF and full range speed control (0-10 V)
  • RS 485 interface (optional)
  • Very small dimensions: 10.5 (W) × 9.5 (H) × 10.5 (D) cm
  • Very quiet operation
  • Plug in switching power supply for mains 90-240 V/AC, 50-60 Hz, output 12 V/DC
  • Long life even with low cost tubing without stoppers
  • Safety conform to CE and IEC 1010/1

All LAMBDA peristaltic pumps can be utilized in the following automated applications:
  • Fermentation
  • Bio cultures
  • Chemical synthesis
  • Fraction collection

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