Safety Accessories

Safety accessories for bottles and containers

Handling hazardous chemicals safely is always a challenge in daily lab work and demands the highest health protection. We make it easy!

Ingenious but simple products raise your personal safety level immediately by first usage in your daily processes, e.g. 

  • Opening tools for bottles and containers
  • Pouring tools for bottles without handle
  • Carriers for safe transportation
  • Labelling sets with pictograms to label
  • Safety stand for HDPE bottles

Benefit from our long-term experience in handling hazardous chemicals and enjoy safe and easy processes with a high level of convenience.

 Bottle key for S40 and S28 screw caps

Bottle opening key*

  • Convenient opening and closing of bottles with S40 and S28 screw caps
  • Perfectly adapted to the shape of our screw caps
  • Maximum safety when working with hazardous liquids
Container key for G2 screw caps

Opening key for containers*

  • Convenient opening and closing of containers with G2 / G3/4 closures 
  • Perfectly adapted to the special shape
  • Maximum safety when working with hazardous liquids
Pouring aid for S40 glass bottles without handle

Pouring aid for 1l and 2.5l glass bottles*

  • Easy, safe and convenient pouring for S40-threaded bottles without integrated handle
  • Suitable for all liquids like acids, bases and solvents
  • Clipped directly on the bottle neck
  • Only for single use – do be disposed of with the bottle: Maximum safety – avoid potential risk of breakage! (Some liquids have a decomposing effect on the pouring aid material.)
Safety carrier for glass bottles with foam inlay and screw lid

Safety Carrier for glass bottles 1l / 2,5l and 4l*

  • Safe transportation of glass bottles, exceeding guidelines
  • Optimal bottle protection due to very effective PE foam inlay
  • Additional time for disposal in case of glass breakage inside due to chemical resistant materials
  • Leak-proof top cover prevents unintended exposure to liquids and vapors
  • Stable, broad handle for convenient handling
HPLC mobile phase mixture labelled acc. to DIN EN ISO and GLP

Label set acc. to GHS, DIN EN ISO and GLP

  • Comprehensive label compliant with GHS, DIN EN ISO and GLP standards
  • Complete safety information at a glance with adhesive pictograms and signal words
  • Non-permanent adhesive for easy, residue-free removal
  • Robust plastic label, resistant to chemicals
Safety stand for 2.5l HDPE bottles

Safety stand for 2.5l HDPE bottles*

  • Fixed stand for lightweight 2.5l HDPE bottles
  • Additional safety, e.g. when using the withdrawal system 1.78178.0001 with 2.5 L HDPE bottles
  • Prevents from overturning of the 2.5 L HDPE bottle
Antistatic set with 3 cables in suitcase

Antistatic device

  • Safe and proper grounding of metal containers with solvents of 10l and more
  • Separate grounding of all components
  • Grounding enables discharge of static electricity to avoid explosions and fire risks#
  • Three cables for highest flexibility during all work steps
  • Suitcase for safe and professional storage of cables not in use
  • Cable length: 2 m

*Only suitable for bottles and containers of Merck.

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