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Corning shaking incubator

Laboratory incubators are designed to provide a temperature-controlled environment, preventing contamination, while others also regulate humidity and CO2 levels. They support a wide range of research and clinical applications, including the growth of microbiological cultures. Some incubators are specifically tailored for growing microbial and cell cultures, while others facilitate the maintenance and storage of cultures for future use. Additionally, incubators aid in expediting the growth rate of certain microbes that may otherwise take a long time to grow in a natural environment.

These insulated boxes typically feature an adjustable heater, with temperature ranges up to 140°F to 149°F (60°C to 65°C) and, in some cases, slightly higher but generally not exceeding 100°C. Incubators come in various chamber types, materials, sizes, and designs, catering to diverse experimental needs and requirements.


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CO2 Incubators

Carbon dioxide or CO2 incubators are utilized in laboratory settings to establish an optimal environment for the cultivation of cells, tissues, and microorganisms. They are designed to precisely control the environment needed to grow biological or cell cultures. By simulating the human body's temperature and CO2 levels, these incubators ensure the protection of cultures from external factors like temperature fluctuations, air exposure, and light or oxygen exposure.

Benchmark SureTherm CO2 Incubators

Benchmark's SureTherm Incubators offer a flawless environment for your cultures, ensuring precise temperature and CO2 control. These incubators are the first and only ones equipped with the optional (patent pending) IncuView LCI (Live Cell Imaging) technology, enabling real-time cell observation. With an internal microscope and a spacious external display, cells can be viewed directly within the incubator, eliminating the risk of contamination due to removal, and preventing temperature fluctuations.

All SureTherm Incubators feature a proprietary heat distribution system that combines six-sided heating with a low-speed internal fan.

MyTemp™ Mini CO2 Digital Incubators

MyTempTM Mini CO2 is the smallest and most economical incubator, available in both heating-only and heating/cooling models. Both temperature and CO2 percentages are digitally adjustable and displayed in real-time on the large LED control panel. The incubator consists of two removable stainless-steel shelves and has the capacity to accommodate flasks and bottles of up to 2 L. The incubator chamber consists of a thick layer of high-efficiency insulation; hence it can be used for the transportation of cells.

Shaking Incubators

Shaking incubators, also known as environmental shakers, offer dual functionality, combining the benefits of a conventional incubator and a laboratory shaker. They excel in various applications, such as cell aeration, solubility studies, and cell culturing. These incubators not only maintain a stable temperature environment but also employ orbital agitation at adjustable speeds to promote cell growth. The shaking motion facilitates the distribution of nutrients and the infusion of oxygen into the cell culture, eliminating the need for a separate shaker inside the incubator.

Benchmark Incu-Shaker™ Shaking Incubators 

Incu-Shaker™ models include a compact model only 11 inches wide. There is also a heavy-duty 10L model available with or without refrigeration, offering heating capabilities. Additionally, a mini CO2 version is available, which is ideal for the culturing of non-adherent cells. All models are supplied with a standard platform featuring a non-slip, rubber-coated surface, which is ideal for tissue culture flasks, Petri dishes, and staining trays. However, they are also compatible with the convenient MAGic Clamp™ platform, known for its unique magnetic attachment method.

Benchmark Roto-Therm™ Incubated Rotator 

This series offers a wide range of mixing capabilities suitable for various laboratory applications, including resuspension, protein binding, nucleic acid purification, histochemistry, and hybridization in tubes ranging from 0.2 to 50 mL in volume. The motion can be adjusted from vertical (end over end) mixing to horizontal (rolling or hybridization style) mixing.

Corning® LSE™ 49 Liter Shaking Incubator 

The Corning Shaking Incubator represents a cabinet-style design, featuring a compact footprint that enables efficient use of space through stackability. Its integrated orbital shaker is compatible with a wide variety of platforms and clamps, facilitating the accommodation of items such as flasks, petri dishes, and test tube racks. Notable attributes of this incubator include exceptional temperature uniformity, a spacious viewing area for uninterrupted sample monitoring, a wide temperature range, versatile shelving choices, and a finely-tuned shaking mechanism for precise control.

SureTemp® Dual Convection Incubator

SureTemp™ Incubator series offers precise temperature control up to 75°C, ensuring uniformity and stability levels. Equipped with the SureCheck™ data logging system for chamber temperature, this incubator allows users to select between mechanical convection mode (providing exceptional temperature uniformity) or gravity convection mode (suitable for longer incubations where airborne contamination or drying of samples may be an issue).

CULTURA mini incubator

CULTURA mini incubator is a bench-top incubator designed for incubating microbial samples, contact slides, dip slides, and Petri dishes to detect bacteria, fungi, and yeast. This incubator is utilized for monitoring various liquids, including drinking water, process water, swimming pool water, cooling, and lubricant fluids, as well as industrial liquids. It plays a significant role in fields such as food bacteriology, hygiene control, medical diagnostics, and dental diagnostics.

Incubator Accessories

Incubator accessories enable customization and assist in facilitating repairs and maintenance. We offer products including stainless shelving, slides, sticky mats, rotisseries, and more.

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