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Oligonucleotide Reagents Manufacturing Site - Hamburg

State-of-the-Art Production

The Oligonucleotide reagents manufacturing site in Hamburg, Germany is designed as a multi-purpose facility with built-in flexibility and the capability to manufacture a complex mix of products to suit a variety of customer needs.

DNA and RNA phosphoramidites are manufactured in glass-lined reactors and purified by preparative column chromatography on silica gel with medium-to-high pressure chromatography equipment.

The Hamburg facility has the flexibility to prepare and purify alternative mixes of high volume standard products as well as small-scale specialties.

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Hamburg facility at a glance:

Process Technology and R&D

  • 3 labs dedicated to R&D and PT
  • Scale from mg to kg

Production and Purification

  • Lab production up to 20L reaction volume
  • Bulk production up to 2500L reaction volume
  • 3 automated prep. HPLC with 10 to 45 cm column diameter
  • >12.000 kg/year amidite purification capacity
  • Capacity increasing annually

Finished Goods

  • 250 bulk products, 910 finished products, custom capabilities
  • Dedicated powder filling department and production unit for liquid products


  • 3 labs dedicated for QC and analytical development


Over 40 years’ experience in the manufacture of Oligonucleotide reagents:

  • Phosphoramidites
  • Liquid reagents including bulk returnable drums
  • CPG

Annual amidite production capacity is more than 12 tons and increasing annually, to meet the growing industry demands. All critical raw materials are dual sourced to ensure continuity of supply

Hamburg, Germany
Telephone: +49-40-797-02-250

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