OligoArchitect™ Online

For routine needs, improve your assay with our OligoArchitect Online design tool powered by the industry standard Beacon Designer™ (PREMIER Biosoft). The user-friendly interface utilizes the latest algorithms, provides results in real time, supports templates up to 10,000 base pairs, and allows for the adjustment of input parameters such as homopolymer run/repeat maximum length, G/C clamp length, and maximum primer pair TM mismatch.


1 Also known as hydrolysis probes, which are used in the 5’ nuclease assay
2 Also known as hybridization probes
3 Also known as dual-hybridization probes
4 Locked Nucleic Acid in oligonucleotides other than qPCR probes is available in all countries except for the United States.

OligoArchitect online is easy to use: select a design module, type in the name of your assay, enter your sequence, and click search. You can add or delete a SNP and select ‘Primer Parameters’ or ‘Probe Parameters’ if you wish to adjust the default settings (download the glossary to learn more about the various adjustable parameters).

All reported sequences, associated properties, and assay parameters are available for export to Excel and convenient email ordering.

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