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3D Printing in Drug Manufacturing

3D Printing in Drug Manufacturing

Innovative technology, whole new possibilities – three-dimensional (3D) printing enables new approaches, especially in the context of drug production. Also referred to as additive manufacturing, 3D printing targets two hot topics of the pharmaceutical industry: personalized medicine and on-demand production. In fact, there’s an emerging trend to step away from mass manufacturing in favor of more personalized solutions. The reason: A strong demand for improved treatment options meeting individual patient needs, especially with regard to pediatric and geriatric patients. But there’s more: 3D printing can also be key to shorter drug development times by supplying clinical trial material during the early stages. However, in order to leverage the full potential of this highly digitalized technology, specialized excipients are required – as well as the integration of smart applications for self optimization or automated formulation development.

Benefits of Parteck® MXP Polymer

  • Excellent performance:
    Designed for HME, supporting superior process development
  • High thermal stability:
    Resistant to high extrusion temperatures, extending the potential application range
  • Stable, high drug loads:
    Able to stabilize a range of molecules in the amorphous form
  • Efficient solubility enhancement:
    Maintain supersaturation via precipitation inhibition
  • Flexible downstream processing:
    Compatible with direct compression, continuous manufacturing, thin film extrusion and 3D printing

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits all formulation, all APIs have individual and specific needs. With our two grades of polyvinyl alcohol for hot melt extrusion, we provide you with the possibility to fine tune your hot melt extrusion formulation to your specific API.

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Brochure: Parteck® MXP: two polymers, unparalleled value
Brochure: Parteck® MXP: Two Polymers, Unparalleled Value

With two specifically engineered grades of polyvinyl alcohol, our Parteck® MXP polymers are optimal for generating high performing, solubility enhanced formulations via hot melt extrusion.

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