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BRAND® Transferpette® multichannel, electronic pipette

AC/DC input 230 V AC, Australian plug, 8-channel, volume 1-20 μL

Air displacement pipettes, Air interface pipettes, Microliter pipettes, Multichannel pipettes, Pipettes, Piston-operated pipettes, Transferpette® electronic




pack of 1 ea


BRAND 705430


1-20 μL

battery power


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General description

The Transferpette electronic provides significant operation ease and is the first microlitre pipette worldwide to be awarded the "Ergonomics Approved" certificate from the TÜV Rheinland.

The optimal design, the arrangement of the operating elements and the adjustable finger rest allow the motorized Transferpette electronic to be tailored to the form of your hand. The special V-rings made of FKM of the multichannel pipette allow effortless mounting and easy ejection of virtually all commercially available pipette tips.

  • Motor-driven to reduce the risk of RSI and imprecision/inaccuracy caused by operator variability
  • Five modes: Pipetting, Reverse pipetting, Mixing, Dispensing, Gel-electrophoresis
  • Easy Calibration function for rapid adjustment of the unit without tools
  • Extremely fast pipetting speed
  • Simple in-lab maintenance
  • Completely autoclavable pipette shafts respectively manifolds/pipetting units
  • NiMH rechargeable battery pack and battery regeneration-mode

Includes: NiMH rechargeable battery pack, charger with AC adapter (not included in without charger version),silicone oil, stand, one reagent reservoir, one Tip-Box SL filled with PLASTIBRAND pipette tips and one Tip-Rack for refilling.

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BRAND is a registered trademark of BRAND GMBH + CO KG
Transferpette is a registered trademark of BRAND GMBH + CO KG

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