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Norell® Sample Vault Series NMR tubes

standard wall, closed cap, frequency 950 MHz, diam. × L 3 mm × 178 mm

NMR tube for 96 position carriers, NMR tubes for lab automation systems


colorless tube


neck thread push fit


pkg of 96 ea


Norell SVCP-Super-3-178-96PK


950 MHz frequency


30 μm

diam. × L

3 mm × 178 mm

wall thickness

0.38 mm

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General description

For Bruker® SampleJet robotic high-throughput automated systems. NMR tubes with NorLoc caps are designed to be used with 96 position carriers using 103.5 mm (4 in.) long NMR tubes with open port caps, or 178 mm (7 in.) long NMR tubes with closed port caps. NorLoc caps have superior holding and sealing capabilities which eliminate cap/tube failure in your instrument.

Patent pending design incorporates a blue band positioned on the NMR tube that aligns with the base of the cap, indicating a properly locked position. The NorLoc cap and Sample Vault Series tube is an integrated closure system for fail-safe delivery of your sample to the magnet. Tubes are available in both 3 mm and 5 mm diameters for use up to 700 MHz and up to 950 MHz.

  • Engineered for new generation high-throughput lab automation systems
  • Two precision types for up to 700 MHz and up to 950 MHz spectrometers
  • Superior NorLoc cap attaches semi-permanently for multiple use and for critical applications
  • Choice of either NorLoc closed port cap or open port cap
  • Closed port caps are supplied with tubes in a bag, open port caps are installed on the tubes
  • Safe for cold refrigeration storage, works with cryo-probes and variable temperature studies

Legal Information

Bruker is a registered trademark of Bruker-Physik AG
NorLoc is a trademark of Norell, Inc.
Norell is a registered trademark of Norell, Inc.
Sample Vault Series is a trademark of Norell, Inc.
SampleJet is a trademark of Bruker-Physik AG

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