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Grace Bio-Labs SecureSeal hybridization chambers

wells, 1, well L × W × depth from septum to bottom of cone 22 mm × 22 mm × 0.8 mm, ports diam. 1.5 mm

microarray chambers for slides, single use silicone-gasketed chamber


clear polycarbonate backing (0.25mm thickness)
red silicon chamber




wells 1


Grace Bio-Labs 623503

backing thickness

0.25 mm

external L × W

25 mm × 25 mm

ports diam.

1.5 mm

well L × W × depth from septum to bottom of cone

22 mm × 22 mm × 0.8 mm



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General description

SecureSeal Hybridization Chambers are thin, silicone-gasketed chambers providing optimal surface-to-volume fluid dynamics for hybridization assays on large or multiple specimens and microarrays on glass or film coated slides. These adhesive-backed chambers are designed for single-use, very-low volume incubations and are ideal for autoradiographic, fluorescent or chemiluminescent end-point applications requiring small, enclosed fluid volumes. The SecureSeal Adhesive is a double sided tape with a silicone adhesive surface on one side (covered with a clear PET liner) and an acrylic adhesive on the other surface (covered with a paper liner).

SecureSeal chambers form removable, peel-and-stick enclosures to isolate specimens affixed to glass microscope slides. The chamber design minimizes friction, promotes reagent mixing, and facilitates uniform hybridization. Sealable access ports in the chamber surface allow for the addition and removal of reactants. SecureSeal adhesive bonds chambers to glass in seconds and removes cleanly and easily even after heating. Adhesive Seal Tabs create leak-proof chambers that are temperature resistant. Each package includes illustrated instructions for use and 120 adhesive port seals. Additional seal tabs are sold separately GBL629200). Press fit tubing connectors provide affordable and easy means to connect SecureSeal Hybridization Chambers to pumps and other devices for fluidic exchange.

Note: If you are using Cy5 of Alexa Fluor 647 direct-labeled DNA probes, please refer to "fluorescent friendly" chambers


In situ hybridization
Protein and DNA Microarrays
DNA Amplification
Reaction kinetics
Rapid microfluidic prototyping
Nucleic Acid Programmable Protein Arrays
Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)
Single molecule fluorescence microscopy

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SecureSeal is a trademark of Grace Bio-Labs, Inc.

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