Labware Detergents & Cleaners

Extran® lab cleaning detergents

Extran® Labware Detergents and Cleaners

Extran® labware detergents for manual cleaning and laboratory washers ensure contamination-free cleaning of glassware and apparatus in laboratories and production facilities, both before and after use.

Thorough and residue-free cleaning is essential when dealing with chemicals or biological substances for proper scientific working procedures. Our laboratory and lab equipment cleaning products are:

  • Reliable - consistent product quality and exceptional solubility and flowability
  • Environmentally friendly – formulated with biodegradable active ingredients for greener cleaning
  • Residue-free cleaning with validation support – our photometric testing method can assist your lab in proving the absence of nonionic surfactants
  • Safe and non-toxic – free of fragrances, dyes, oxidants, chlorine, enzymes, and NTA
  • Efficient – highly concentrated laboratory detergents for cleaning lab equipment, available in a variety of package sizes (1 L to 25 L; 2 kg to 25 kg) with specially designed withdrawal methods and adapters

Discover our broad portfolio of reliable lab cleaning agents:

Regardless of how your laboratory equipment is maintained, we have the right lab cleaners and detergents for your science lab needs.

Supelco® Chemizorb® specialists for absorption and neutralization of spilled alkalis, acids & HF

Extran® MA for Manual Lab Cleaning

Extran® MA laboratory cleaning detergents are ideally suited for cleaning laboratory apparatus and glassware in cleaning baths and ultrasound equipment as well as laboratory surfaces.

Supelco® Chemizorb® Hg set for Mercury

Extran® AP for Machine Cleaning in Laboratory Washers

Extran® AP were developed in collaboration with leading appliance manufacturers of lab washers and tested for suitability. These lab cleaning detergents have high solubility in water and produce very little foam with minimal residue. To neutralize alkali residues, an acid rinse should be used after every main wash cycle, such as the neutralizing agents:

  • Extran® AP 21 acidic with phosphoric acid
  • Extran® AP 22 acidic with citric acid

Extran® 5l Canisters for Laboratory Washers

This convenient Extran® canister is placed into the drawer of the machine dosing unit and is directly connected to the lab washer so that the risk of direct contact to the cleaner is minimized. Product and safety information are easily visible on the top label, with unique color coding according to pH and blank space for quick documentation of GLP handling dates.

Extran® 5l canister for laboratory washers.

Extran® 5l canister for lab washers
(closure DIN51; H 215mm / 8.46”; W 245mm / 9.65”; D 140mm / 5.51”)

Top label with essential product safety information
(e.g., order no., designation, pH, pictogram) and free space for individual documentation

Extran® canister in the drawer of the machine dosing unit

Extran® canister in the drawer of the machine dosing unit.

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