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Quantitative RT-PCR

Our RT-qPCR products combine the effective of reverse transcriptase with hot-start taq-directed antibody in convenient ReadyMixes for probe-based or SYBR® Green based applications. Regardless of difficult secondary structures or detection chemistry, our ReadyMixes are specially formulated to help you achieve superior results in fewer steps. Our products are easy to explore and understand; explore our JumpStart™ options for kits optimizable to your experimental needs or choose KiCqStart® and find a ReadyMix™ optimized for your instrument! If you’re looking for microRNA Reverse Transcription, take a look at our MystiCq® product line.


  • KiCqStart® – Formats for all major qPCR instruments
  • JumpStart™ – Optimizable for all major qPCR instruments




KiCqStart® – Instrument Optimized

Our KiCqStart® ReadyMixes feature a stringent hot-start mechanism for greater specificity . These products are formulated to be highly tolerant of PCR inhibitors in samples. The ReadyMixes are designed for convenience; all required basic components for RT-qPCR are included, simply add primers, probe, and water to complete the assay cocktail. This product is ideal for fast or conventional qPCR.


JumpStart™ – Highly Optimized

Our JumpStart™ RT-qPCR Readymix™ combines the advantages of Moloney Murine Leukemia Virus Reverse Transcriptase (M-MLV RT) and our JumpStart™ antibody-inactivated Taq polymerase. Robust M-MLV RT has the ability to transcribe through difficult secondary structures, even at elevated temperatures and our JumpStart™ taq provides greater specificity and sensitivity than standard Taq.

Our products are compatible with both tube/plate based instruments and capillary based instruments.


MicroRNA-Based RT-qPCR


MystiCq® microRNA reagents provide a complete SYBR® Green RT-qPCR workflow for quantifying expression in three steps:

  1. Isolation
  2. cDNA Synthesis
  3. Quantitation by amplification.
  • Over 1400 pre-designed and wet lab tested primer pairs designed to target only mature microRNAs
  • Conversion of all microRNAs, allowing nearly unlimited readouts from a single sample
  • Selection of three different products for isolation of microRNAs
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