GenElute™-E Kits for RNA & DNA Purification

Simplify Your RNA & DNA Purification Workflow

GenElute™-E kits use a negative chromatography method to separate molecules by size, trapping proteins, lipids, and ionic components, while DNA and RNA flow through the column. This simplified purification method delivers significant benefits compared to traditional silica-based purification kits. GenElute™-E Single Spin DNA and RNA purification technology enables rapid DNA and RNA extraction and purification from mammalian cells, blood, tissue, and plant tissue samples. Our newest GenElute™-E Viral RNA/DNA Kits enable rapid and reliable viral RNA & DNA purification for your disease research workflow needs, including SARS-CoV-2. Learn more about our GenElute™-E Viral RNA/DNA Kits with our technical guide that demonstrates compatibility for use with both swab and stool samples in qPCR applications.

Note: GenElute™-E Viral RNA/DNA kits are For Research Use Only. Not For Use In Diagnostic Procedures. Product not available for sale in Europe.

To receive a 20% discount off your first order of a GenElute™-E Viral RNA/DNA kit, use promo code “VIT”. Code valid through July 1, 2023.

For additional resources evaluating potential nucleic acid preparation impurities and PCR inhibitors from plant samples, explore our standard and plant DNA and RNA purification GenElute™-E technical pages, and dig into our GenElute™-E FAQs resource hub.

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