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Three active air samplers MAS-100 NT®

Air sampling is a key component of effective environmental monitoring programs that ensure critical areas, such as production areas and medical facilities, meet the requirements for microbial limits.

While passive air monitoring uses settle plates for the quantitative analysis of the air, active air monitoring requires the use of a microbial air sampler. Air samplers impact microorganisms of a known volume of air onto a culture medium.

Our air samplers are based on different principles, enabling technology selection to suit your needs. We offer products specifically designed for the food and beverage industries, explosion hazard areas, cleanrooms and isolators, and compressed gas monitoring. Our easy-to-use monitoring systems are designed for many environment monitoring needs.

  • MAS-100® Air Samplers for Ambient Air and Compressed Gases [Shop / More]
  • RCS® Centrifugal Air Samplers for Ambient Air and Compressed Gases [Shop / More]


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MAS-100 ® microbial air sampler family for active viable air sampling of ambient air and compressed gasses.

MAS-100® Air Samplers for Ambient Air and Compressed Gases

The MAS-100® series is a complete and accurate system for reliable and easy ambient air monitoring. The MAS-100® series is based on the Anderson impaction principle and uses settle plates or contact plates.

The family of MAS-100® instruments consists of dedicated instruments for different applications, such as:

  • The portable, battery-operated microbial air samplers MAS-100 NT® with or without filter as well as the corresponding explosion-proofed version (MAS-100 NT Ex® with or without filter) as well as the MAS-100 VF are designed for use in cleanrooms up to ISO 5 grade.
  • The MAS-100 Eco® is a simple-to-use and designed for use in food and beverage industries - The MAS-100 CG Ex® is designed for testing compressed gasses including compressed air, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide and oxygen.
  • The MAS-100 ISO NT® and The MAS-100 ISO MH® is designed for fixed installation in isolators or RABS for up to four sample locations.
  • The MAS-100 Atmos® is a portable, battery operated and extremely easy to use microbial compressed gas sampler providing accurate sampling of compressed air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and argon.
RCS® high Flow Touch hand-held microbial air sampler for ambient air and compressed gases


The RCS® series is renowned for safe and reliable environmental monitoring of ambient air and compressed gases using agar strips.

  • RCS® high flow touch hand-held air sampler
  • RCS® compressed gas adapter

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