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MCAT- 53™ Catalyst for Ruthenium Formation
A recyclable, ligand-free ruthenium catalyst for C–H activation reactions and concomitant C–C bond formation in the presence of water.
Jørgensen’s Organocatalysts
Professor Karl Anker Jørgensen and his group have developed ethers which serve as excellent chiral organocatalysts in the direct asymmetric α-functionalization of aldehydes.
C–H Amination
The Du Bois group at Stanford University has made substantial progress within the field of Rh-catalyzed C–H amination via oxidative cyclization of carbamate, sulfamate, sulfamide, urea, and guanidine substrates to give 1,2- and 1,3-heteroatom motifs masked in the form of
Rh2(esp)2 Catalyst
New! Rh2(esp)2, and exceptionally efficient and selective catalyst for C-H amination.
Ellman's Sulfinamides
Ellman's sulfinamide is available in both enantiomeric and racemic forms for your research. This versatile and useful auxiliary has found extensive use both in academics and industry.
Electrochemical Allylic C–H Oxidation with N-Hydroxytetrachlorophthalimide (TCNHPI)
Professor Phil Baran and coworkers have developed a new reagent, N-Hydroxytetrachlorophthalimide (ALD00564), which provides a cheap, scalable, and safe synthetic alternative to highly used transformations like allylic oxidations, as well as Negishi and Suzuki–Miyaura type cross-coupling reactions.
Baran Diversinates™
The synthesis of heteroaromatic and aromatic compounds is at the heart of the chemical industry. The ever-growing demand for new chemical entities, coupled with dwindling resources and time constraints allotted to any given research project, a rapid way to diversify
Palau’Chlor®: Easily and Selectively Functionalize Lead Compounds
Aryl chlorides are commonly used in cross-coupling reactions and can serve as key intermediates towards the synthesis of pharmaceutical drug candidates and natural products.
White Catalyst
Developed by Professor M. Christina White and co-workers at the University of Illinois–Urbana, the “White catalyst” (684821) has been shown to be an exceptional catalyst for the functionalization of allylic carbon centers.
Recent Advances in the Catalytic Transformations
This article details the latest progress in synthesizing alkylsulfonyl fluorides through different approaches that utilize photoredox catalysis, electrocatalysis, transition-metal catalysis, and organocatalysis. The alkylsulfonyl fluorides thus prepared could be utilized further in sulfur(VI) fluoride exchange (SuFEx) click reactions.
SuFEx: Sulfonyl Fluorides that Participate in the Next Click Reaction
In collaboration with K. Barry Sharpless and coworkers, we offer a variety of sulfonyl fluoride reagents that undergo a “Click II” reaction.