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Buffer prep with no pH adjustment

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Save time, effort, and shelf space with pHast pack™ ready-to-use buffers. Our formulations are developed to simplify your work and are strictly tested to ensure exact concentrations and pH. Our pre-packaged buffers require no weighing, calculations, or pH adjustments. Simply mix with Milli-Q® ultrapure water for fast, reproducible analysis – every time.

pHast Pack™ - 1% AGAROSE GELS

Try our new ready-to-pour agarose gels that contain 1% Agarose in 1X Tris Acetate EDTA or Tris Borate EDTA buffer (pH 8.3). Our preformulated powder blend can streamline your buffer prep and casting steps for native RNA or DNA electrophoresis assays.

Simply mix contents with 250ml Milli-Q® ultrapure water, dissolve by gently heating, add your preferred nucleic acid stain, then pour the gel.

  • Fast, convenient, and reproducible quality
  • High gel strength with a separation range of 300 - 8,000 bp
  • Free of trace elements including DNase, RNase, and Nickase

pHast Pack™ Agarose Gels

pHast Pack™ Products

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