Buffer Filtration

Capsule and cartridge filters for processing buffers

Biomanufacturing requires large volumes of buffers for different steps in downstream processing, with filter selection highly dependent on the needs of the specific process step. For non-critical steps we offer bioburden reduction filters for superior process economics, while our sterilizing-grade buffer filters deliver fast flow and extended throughput for superior process efficiency. 

All our filters are fully scalable from lab-scale process development tools to pilot and production scale manufacturing, with most offered in both single-use, gamma ready capsule and cartridge formats. In addition, each filter is available with several connection options to provide flexibility for your specific process needs.

  • Milligard® PES filters contain two layers of polyethersulfone (PES) membrane and reduce bioburden while providing broad chemical compatibility. Milligard® PES 1.2/0.2 µm nominal filters typically provide ≥ 6.0 log removal of Brevundimonas diminuta
  • Millipore Express® PHF (Process, High Flux) filterscontain a single layer of 0.2 µm sterilizing-grade PES membrane and provide a cost-effective option for high flux buffer filtration.
  • Millipore Express® SHF (Sterile, High Flux) filters contain a single layer of 0.2 µm sterilizing-grade PES membrane and provide with high flux with broad chemical compatibility. Each filter is integrity tested during manufacturing.
  • Millipore Express® SHC (Sterile, High Capacity) filters contain two layers (0.5/0.2 µm) of PES membrane and provide sterilizing-grade performance, broad chemical compatibility and superior capacity for plugging streams. Each filter is integrity tested during manufacturing.
  • 0.22 µm  Durapore® filters contain a single layer of 0.22 µm polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) membrane and are low-binding, non fiber releasing with low extractables. Each filter is integrity tested during manufacturing.

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Our filters are supported by the Emprove® Program which provides three types of dossiers to support different stages of development and manufacturing operations such as qualification, risk assessment, and process optimization. The dossiers consolidate comprehensive product-specific testing data, quality statements, and regulatory information in a readily available format.

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