Affinity Chromatography Resins

Affinity chromatography separates complex mixtures through highly selective biochemical interactions. This widely used purification technology efficiently separates a target molecule from impurities. Our range of affinity resins are designed for high throughput and cost-effective purification, from process development through large-scale manufacturing.

Protein A Affinity Resins

  • Eshmuno® A is a high-capacity resin for the purification of Fc-containing proteins, such as monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). This resin can be sanitized under acid and alkaline conditions.
  • ProSep® Ultra Plus resin offers efficient, cost-effective, large-scale purification of high-titer mAbs.
  • ProSep-vA® High Capacity resin is ideal for purification of mAbs, fusion proteins or conjugates, where the effective molecular weight is larger than 150 kDa. It exhibits chemical and mechanical stability over a range of processing conditions.
  • ProSep-vA® Ultra resin maintains the same attributes as ProSep®-vA High Capacity, while providing higher binding capacity and improved process economics for purification of high-titer, large-volume fermentation feedstocks.

Affinity Resins for Plasma Purification

Eshmuno® P anti-A and anti-B resins effectively remove anti-A and anti-B isoagglutinin antibodies in plasma-derived Immunoglobulin (Ig) processes, which has been associated with increased patient risk for hemolysis.

Affinity Resins for Protein Purification

Fractogel® Metal Chelate resin offers efficient and cost-effective separation of proteins and peptides, especially proteins with exposed histidine, cysteine, and tryptophan residues, including histidine-tagged proteins.

Support for qualification, risk assessment, and process optimization

Complementing our product portfolio, the Emprove® Program provides three types of dossiers to support different stages of development and manufacturing operations such as qualification, risk assessment, and process optimization. The dossiers consolidate comprehensive product-specific testing data, quality statements, and regulatory information in a readily available format to simplify your compliance needs.



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Addressing Immunoglobulin (Ig) Purification Challenges
Webinar: Addressing Immunoglobulin (Ig) Purification Challenges with Chromatographic Technologies

Strategies to address Immunoglobulin purification challenges by using Ion Exchange and Affinity chromatography media to enhance both purity & yield.

Protein A Affinity Chromatography
Webinar: Protein A Affinity Chromatography: How to Capitalize on its Purification Potential

Learn productivity & COGs calculations of Protein A affinity chromatography resin at production scale, including best practice strategies to lower costs.

Extractables Profiles for Chromatography Resins
Webinar: Extractables Profiles for Chromatography Resins – Adapted Approach of Upcoming USP

This webinar will cover our study design for extractables profiles of chromatography resins within our Emprove® Program.

Chromatography Supply Program
Chromatography Supply Program

Chromatography Supply Program As a leading partner and supplier to the biopharmaceutical industry, we continue to strengthen our supply chain to help you stay ahead.