抗体药物偶联 (ADC) 技术使用单克隆抗体(mAb)将有效的高活性药物成分(HPAPI)递送至靶细胞。偶联形式下的HPAPI会表现出选择性的细胞毒性,可使非靶细胞免受毒性影响。





  • 在mAb开发和生产、高效载荷分子、接头和偶联方面的专业知识
  • 在各种生物制剂的工艺开发及各种构建体偶联方面的经验
  • 具有综合经验和成功业绩的项目团队
  • 广泛的分析测试能力和专用设备
  • 扩展遏制策略以保护操作人员和环境免受任何污染


From cell line to mAb production services


Starting with an initial cell line, a scalable process template is developed to produce cGMP batches of the monoclonal antibody (mAb). 

    Finding the missing link for your payload supply

    A highly active payload and drug-linker are matched with the mAb for eventual conjugation into an antibody drug.

    Monodisperse and activated PEGs, or Chetosensar™ technology may solve solubility challenges during drug discovery and development. Advanced payload intermediates for the most common classes of payloads can help to reduce development timelines.

      Connecting the dots with conjugation services

      The developed components of cell line, antibody, payload, and linker come together during conjugation and/or bioconjugation.

        ADC bulk drug substance (BDS) testing services

        BDS as well as final drug product receive extensive analytical testing, including stability and release testing.

          Conjugation with cytotoxic molecule

          Linkage between the antibody and a highly active payload is a critical component of an ADC, requiring a broad range of products and chemicals.

            Chromatography (Optional)

            An optional chromatographic step can be used to remove high molecular weight species such as antibody aggregates and free drug residuals, while supporting optimization of drug-antibody-ratio (DAR) and control of polydispersity.

            The Eshmuno® CMX resin has been designed for highly selective mixed mode chromatography.


              Removing residual solvent and free drug after conjugation is necessary prior to preparation of the final formulation with the desired concentration and buffer.

              The Pellicon® Capsule is the first of its kind–a true single-use TFF device that comes ready to process ADCs in minutes.

                Sterile Filtration

                Sterilizing-grade filtration is under increasingly intense scrutiny by regulatory bodies, requiring a high degree of sterility assurance.

                  ADC BDS Final Fill and Formulation

                  The BDS is prepared for a final and unique formulation. The lyophilized dosage form is preferred and usually contains a buffer, stabilizer (e.g, trehalose or sucrose), and surfactant.